Mediation and Counselling Northern Ireland | Commercial Mediation
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Commercial Mediation

Mediation can help you to preserve relationships with your customers.
Businesses can use Mediation & Counselling NI as a first step in recovering outstanding balances on your customer accounts as an alternative to legal proceedings.  This is a non-threatening and amicable approach to debt recovery which offers the potential for businesses to maintain positive relationships with their customers.
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Workplace Mediation can resolve workplace conflict.
If you or a member of your workplace are experiencing a level of conflict at work, workplace mediation offers you a potential solution.  Conflict between parties within the workplace can lead to costs e.g. legal costs or if someone resigns there are recruitment costs.  It can also cause knock on effects on others e.g. loss of morale, absence and lack of performance. When this situation arises within your workplace get in touch with us to talk about how we can help.  Conflict mediation is an approach already being used by many companies in Northern Ireland to end workplace conflict.